HM The Queen at Stirling Castle

14 September 2022

Following the news of HM The Queen’s death at Balmoral Castle last week, we are looking back at the monarch’s visits to Scotland. On more than one occasion, her visits led her to Stirling Castle.
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Gunner Haimes: The Hero during the Stirling Castle Fire

As part of Scotland’s Year of Stories, we are looking at one of Stirling Castle’s most told tales. It is about a soldier who lost his life saving the King’s Old Building from a fire in 1855. Joni and Paul, our Stirling Castle guides have researched the archives. They discovered, as is often the case, that the truth is much more dramatic than fiction.

A historic painting Margaret Tudor wearing a large necklace

Margaret Tudor: My Lady, The King’s ‘Defiant’ Mother

Read the story of how Margaret Tudor fought to protect the interests of her children during turbulent times in Scottish history.

Photo of the Queen's chamber

Restoring Magnificence: The restoration of the palace at Stirling Castle

Lots of research, meticulous attention to detail and a lot of love! Castle guide, Russell looks back on the wonderful restoration of James V’s Palace at Stirling Castle.

At atmospheric wedding photo of a couple sharing kiss underneath a stone archway at Stirling Castle

Behind the scenes with the Events Manager at Stirling Castle

We speak to Event Manager Sarah Percy about her career highlights and experience delivering event excellence at Stirling Castle.

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The Argylls Museum in Five Objects

Take a tour of the newly reopened Argylls Museum and uncover the story of one of Scotland’s great Highland Regiments.

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Outland(er)ish banquets at Stirling Castle

On World Outlander Day, we let you know how to celebrate in time-travelling-television style with an event like no other at Stirling Castle

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Stirling Castle and the Beautiful Game

While we get excited for the Euros 2020 to kick off with Scotland at the starting line, castle guide Paul takes a look at the history of the beautiful game and Stirling Castle’s football connections.

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A Peony for Your Thoughts

Meet one of our event suppliers, Planet Flowers, and go behind the scenes in adding floral flair to events at Stirling Castle.

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Stirling Castle steward shares top visitor tips

Haste ye back! Stirling Castle is opening its gates to visitors once again. In this blog, castle steward Caitlin shares her top visitor tips.

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Jane Ferrier and The Stirling Heads

Discover the inspirational story of Jane Ferrier, who’s tenacious work in the 1800s ensured the survival of the amazing Stirling Heads.