Scotland’s Treasure Lost at Sea

14 January 2020

As Scotland gets ready to celebrate the Year of Coasts and Waters, we explore the Castle’s connection to the dramatic and devastating story of the Elizabeth of Burntisland
The palace at Stirling Castle bathed in red light

The Stewarts and the Supernatural

This Halloween we take you on a special tour around the castle, following its most famous residents and their beliefs and superstitions.

A Barrack’s Tragedy

Tricia Golledge from our guiding team at Stirling Castle came across a fascinating story from the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders when they were stationed at the castle in the early 1900s. We caught up with her to hear more about the tragic fate that befell a soldier at the Great Hall.

The gold Great Hall at Stirling Castle behind a grey stone wall

First impressions: 3 lesser known facts about Stirling Castle

Tour guide Clare Speedie takes us on a tour of the castle, points out some of its secrets and obscurities and previous inhabitants, and answers your most common questions about Stirling Castle.

A stack of books all about Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle in Books

On International Book Lovers Day read extracts from a few of the bestselling books in which Stirling Castle is a key character.

Ice Cream Sundae: A History of Asher’s Ice Cream Van

Get the inside scoop on the history of iconic ice cream van which has been serving summer treats to castle visitors for over 50 years!

The gatehouse of Stirling Castle at nightfall

Wuthering Heights at Stirling Castle

Rosie from the front of house team takes us behind the scenes of the recent Chapterhouse Theatre production of Wuthering Heights in the Great Hall at Stirling Castle.

A black and white archive photo showing Stirling Castle's dominant position from ground level

There’s been a murder!

Stirling Castle has overseen conflict, imprisonment and more than one untimely death. From royal revenge to gruesome discoveries, this blog delves into the stronghold’s dark past.

An Author and Three Knitted Dolls Walk into a Castle…

For World Book Night, Megan Murray, author of the children’s Scottish History series Maggie and The Magic Bookcase® sent us her highlights of a day of exploring at Stirling Castle.

Pupils pose in white bee-proof suits

Are you buzzing?

Andrew, Ewan, Alina, Hannah, Aaron, Amanda and teacher Mr Ambrose from Stirling High School, have written this guest blog for us about the work they have been carrying out with Plan Bee at the Castle. You’ll bee a fool to miss this!

Stirling Castle and a Highland Cow

The Warwolf

In 1304, Edward I, the Hammer of the Scots, besieged Stirling Castle. A rain of lead balls, Greek fire and boulders fell on the castle. It was ‘game over’ for the Scots when a terrifyingly monstrous weapon arrived on the scene.