An Ancient Fortress and A Modern War

12 November 2018

The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders based at Stirling Castle in the build-up to the First World War were kept occupied until the very last moments of peace, before daily life at the castle changed almost overnight.
Night view of Stirling Castle

Hello Europe, this is Stirling calling!

Explore Stirling Castle’s lesser-known connections to Europe for Heritage Awareness Day 2018.

garden with roses growing and castle in background

A Long Standing Garden

From bowls to beech trees, uncover the history of Stirling Castle’s magnificent Queen Anne Garden with gardener Brian Sinclair

National Unicorn Day

To celebrate National Unicorn Day, we take a look at some of the mythical beasts you can spot around the castle. How many have you spotted?

More than it Seams

As the internet explodes over dress codes at this week’s Oscars, we take a look at the importance of dressing to impress at the castle’s Royal Court

woman in hard hat and hi vis vest reaches up to dust wooden ceiling

Dusting off the cobwebs

Lynsey Haworth from our collections unit explains how we care for the impressive objects in the palace using some rather traditional housekeeping techniques.

glass mug with a snowflake pattern and an amber liquid inside

Mulled Apple Winter Warmer Recipe

Warm up with our winter warmer recipe for a delicious mulled apple drink – perfect for all the family this holiday season!

The Jacobite Risings come to Stirling Castle

Dan Harris from Brick to the Past explains how they re-created the Jacobite Risings in LEGO

image of a historic palace with sun setting behind it

Frightening Females of Folklore

Admissions Assistant Laurie tells us about some haunting figures from history as she uncovers the frightening females of folklore

That Yellow Building

We recently caught up with Laurie, who works in the admissions team at the castle, to find out more about…

Why we love Stirling Castle!

We’ve been nominated for the UK’s Most Popular Castle and we would absolutely love to win this!