Night view of Stirling Castle

Hello Europe, this is Stirling calling!

19 September 2018

Did You Know?, History

garden with roses growing and castle in background

A Long Standing Garden

17 July 2018

Castle staff, Did You Know?, History

National Unicorn Day

9 April 2018

Did You Know?, Tapestries

More than it Seams

7 March 2018

Fashion, History

woman in hard hat and hi vis vest reaches up to dust wooden ceiling

Dusting off the cobwebs

14 February 2018

Behind the Scenes, Conservation

glass mug with a snowflake pattern and an amber liquid inside

Mulled Apple Winter Warmer Recipe

18 December 2017

Food & Drink, Recipes

The Jacobite Risings come to Stirling Castle

13 December 2017

Behind the Scenes, Guest Post

image of a historic palace with sun setting behind it

Frightening Females of Folklore

30 October 2017

Castle staff, History

That Yellow Building

12 July 2017


Why we love Stirling Castle!

14 June 2017

Castle staff, History