Category: Stirling Castle

The Glory of all Princely Governing: The Reformer King James IV

The performers of the exhibition OMOS in costume in the court yard of Stirling Castle.

Our Movements, Our Stories: Paying homage to Scotland’s untold Black history at Stirling Castle

HM The Queen in a light blue costume and hat talking to two children. Behind the Queen stands Prince Philip.

HM The Queen at Stirling Castle

Photo of a green garden space and a tree next to a building

Gunner Haimes: The Hero during the Stirling Castle Fire

Photo of the Queen's chamber

Restoring Magnificence: The restoration of the palace at Stirling Castle

Two costumed performers reenacting the muder of the Earl of Douglas at Stirling Castle

The Douglas Murder

Portrait of a costumed performer portraying Mary de Guise, Stirling Castle.

A day in the life of Mary of Guise

Children in historic fancy dress running out of the gates of Stirling Castle

A (virtual) family field trip

Tour the castle with us!

A drawing of the outer defences, Stirling Castle. Illustration by Bill Fulton.

Stirling Castle and the 1820 ‘Radical Rising’