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A grpup of costumed renenactors from various eras raising their hats inside the great hall of Stirling Castle

Join us after hours for Tales from the Castle!

At atmospheric wedding photo of a couple sharing kiss underneath a stone archway at Stirling Castle

Behind the scenes with the Events Manager at Stirling Castle

Candles, glasses and flowers on a long dining table

Outland(er)ish banquets at Stirling Castle

A silver vase filled with pink and blue flowers on a lavishly decorated banqueting table

A Peony for Your Thoughts

A lavishly decorated table ready for a dinner

Create an event fit for a king or queen!

An aerial view of Stirling Castle with the distinctive golden great hall

A History of the Chapel Royal

A pipe band performing in a castle courtyard at night

Traditional Music for Your Next Event

A Barrackā€™s Tragedy

The gatehouse of Stirling Castle at nightfall

Wuthering Heights at Stirling Castle

The Great Big History Weekend