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14 June 2017

Why we love Stirling Castle!

We’ve been nominated for the UK’s Most Popular Castle and we would absolutely love to win this!

We kicked off our events programme this year with The Great Big History weekend in April where visitors could meet costumed characters, go on virtual tours and even taking part in mock digs. Until the end of October we have the stunning aerial photography exhibition by Kieran Baxter on display showing many of Scotland’s monuments in a unique way.

Collage image of some events at Stirling Castle

This summer we look forward to the Chapterhouse production of Jane Eyre and we welcome the Scottish Chamber Orchestra for their summer concert in the Great Hall.

So why do we love the castle? Take a look at our top 5 favourite things:

1. Visit the Royal Palace of James V, admire the stunning Stirling Heads and meet characters of the royal court

Image of the interior of the Royal Palace

2. The Great Hall – the beautiful golden building that can be seen for miles, was completed in 1503.

Exterior picture of the Great Hall with clear blue skies

3. The Queen Anne Gardens – enjoy the peacefulness and tranquility of the gardens. On a beautiful sunny day shade under the 200 year old beech tree.

Picture of the Queen Anne Garden with a beech tree on the left which is over 200 years old

4. The Stirling Tapestries -Intricate and beautiful this set of seven hand-woven tapestries hangs on the walls of the Queen’s Inner Hall in the royal palace.

Picture of the a tapestry called The Unicorn is Found and was unveiled in 2008

5. The views – soak up the stunning vistas overlooking the Ochil Hills and further afield.

A view from Stirling Castle

Voting is open until midnight on Tuesday 20 June – if you are a huge fan of the majestic castle cast your vote here!

Picture of staff jumping together the Guardroom Square at Stirling Castle